Morse project

On this section we can make an Arduino challenge with the MKR1000 microcontroller. in this one we are able to try and create a message in morse code of the S.O.S, that is 3 points in a row, then 3 hyphens, and finally three more points. For this we are able to do the assessments with virtual simulations in tinkercad. And later we can do the simulations with actual circuits, programmed with code through the Arduino IDE platform. We are using diffeent type of codes.

For the project we need :

circuit 1 for codes 1,2,3,4 and 5 :

Concerning the shape of the bodily circuit, it includes a MKR1000 microcontroller, from which a first superb cable comes from enter eight (special for LEDs) to the nice pole of the LED (positioned at the board). From the opposite leg of the LED there's linked a simple resistor that controls the contemporary of the circuit, and finally this resistor is hooked up by way of a bad cable to the GND enter of the microcontroller, which serves to ensure the electric circuit by means of creating an opening inside the enter so that inside the event of an insulation defect, the only in contact with the relationship does now not act as an electrical resistance.

circuit 2 for code 6 >

As for the bodily circuit, it makes use of, like several others, the MKR1000 microcontroller. From this two advantageous cables pop out from inputs 8 and 13 (which are special to connect to gadgets to be able to flash) to the speaker and the LED respectively. The LED, alternatively, is connected to a simple resistor to restriction the price of the modern-day, whilst the speaker has no resistor to concentrate to a extra amplified signal. the two devices are then related thru a negative cable to the bad fee column at the board. And ultimately, another cable will come out of this, for you to be related to the floor connection, with the goal of final the circuit and shielding it in the event of an insulation fault.