Electric Veichle (E.V)

Here i present the summary of (E.V) and softwere enginer

Summary of batteries and EV

This summer the BYD’s Electrical vehicle (EV) has started to be sold in Norway because the their clients believe it has good quality and low price. The secret of BYD is his lithium batteries technology and it becomes in the second company in bus production and fourth in EV. The key of their batteries is the structure and composition with lithium and iron. They don use cobalt and nickel as they competence but supporting 50% more energy. The petrol car industry have a lot dependence of engines but the EV main component is his battery and it is Chinese best competence. BYD generate big of profits to his creator and main investors as Warren Buffet with 3000% benefits. BYD wants to grow with agreements with Tesla and Toyota that could become BYD in the main EV maker. Ten years ago Chinese companies were considered as battery maker for small devices. Warren buffet , Charlie Munger , and Li Li believes and bet by BYD. Non Chinese battery's use cobalt and nickel. These materials are expensive and non Eco friendly. The BYD batteries use lithium, iron and phosphate. This chemistry stores less energy but it lets to install a long thing battery cell into a battery pack. The battery’s are safer and pass anti-fire test. BYD want to split battery business from EV. BYD hopes to create more than 100 GW batteries for 2025 and supply to the bigger car builders of the world.

The software engineer will fix your car now

In 2030 your car will be check and repaired by a software update send by the car builder saving a lot of hours of mechanical reparations. According to financial times the EV’s demand is increasing. All the global economies produce some part of a car tires, iron, aluminum, silicon chips, etc.. but a EV reduce moving parts from 2000 to 20 versus a petrol car. The car builders have to adapt and chance their mind from a powerful engines to comfort cars. The car builder help to providers to transition and another were replaced. Car industry will need less mechanics and car workshops but they will need more engineers and virtual software working around the world. Governments must invest today in training and adapt skills for the new coming world not the current one.